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Breaking Survivors

Released : 30th November 2023

Platforms : PC (Windows, Linux)

Genre(s): Arcade, Bullet Heaven, Roguelite

Description : Retro brick breaking gameplay meets Survivors-like mechanics. Use your balls to destroy bricks, level up and pick upgrades to hold your ground against waves of incoming bricks and try to high score in this roguelite brick breaking game.

Steam Page - Page

Skew Pong

Released : 10th February 2022

Platforms : PC (Windows, Linux)

Genre(s): Arcade, Local Multiplayer, Physics-Based

Description : Skew Pong is an unique fast-paced take on a classic. Make use of inertia and gravity to win. Push the area around and bend the floor to influence the ball's trajectory. Battle against your friends or AIs and see if you can skew with it.

Steam Page - Page

Game Jams

Alea Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare 53
Theme : Delivery - Team size : 1 - April 2023
📊 9th Innovation (/491)

What I did : Programming

Description : Browser Extension that adds a 'Random' sort to the LD Website + Web Page to get random LD games.

Github - Ludum Dare - Web Page

Toys War Adventure

Ludum Dare 51
Theme : Every 10 Seconds - Team size : 7 - October 2022

What I did : Programming

Description : FPS where the player's weapon changes periodically. - Ludum Dare

Delay Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare 50
Theme : Delay the Inevitable - Team size : 1 - April 2022
📊 6th Humor, 7th Innovation, 20th Theme (/805)

What I did : Programming

Description : Web Extension to delay the countdowns on Ludum Dare's website.

Github - Ludum Dare

Skew Pong

Ludum Dare 49
Theme : Unstable - Team size : 2 - October 2021

What I did : Programming, Design, Graphics

Description : Pong with the twist of an unstable terrain. - Ludum Dare

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Other Prototypes


02/2023-Current - Team Size : 1

What I did : Programming, Game Design, Level Design

Description : Puzzle Game inspired by Snake mechanics.

Untitled game

Way too ambitious project
2018-2019 - Team Size : 2

What I did : Programming, UI Design

Description : Racing/platformer game with an integrated level editor.

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